Education and Training Program


This program provides direct sponsorship to Orphaned and Needy Children by giving them School Fees and Scholarstic materials, School Uniforms and Medical Care, as well as a good atmosphere for mentoring them to become responsible citizens that will impact their communities with postive changes.

Our Education and Training Program caters for both school going children and those that have dropped out of school who we put into our Vocational training section.

The first group of children are educated through Nursery(kindergatten/pre-primary) upto high school and the second group of children is taken through Vocational training. By providing Vocational Training to our second group of children, it is because by the time YOFAFO takes them on, they have missed most of their pre-primary and secondary education.

Therefore,in order for them to acquire some skills that will take them through life without them going back to pre-primary or primary because they have overgrown for those particular classes, we train them practical skills like Tailoring, Hairdressing, Crafts making, Bricklaying, Joinery and Motor Mechanics. These skills will help them to set up their own small businesses to develop an income for self-sustainability.

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