As a non-government organisation in a developing country, we rely on donations. We are an independent indigenous organisation, set up with an account full of hope and the talent and community support base to make a little bit go a long way. We appreciate any support, whether it be through volunteering, advocacy, large fundraising campaigns or small donations.

To give you an idea:

  • $50 is the minimum loan we give to women in our microfinance program. This can set her up with a small business, and eventually ensure she has enough money to look after her family and send her children to school.
  • $180 pays for school fees for one child, for one year. $360 provides a child with full sponsorship, ensuring they also have school uniforms, regular meals and basic health care so they have the best chance at school and in life.
  • $800 pays for a teacher’s salary for one year.
  • $3000 will put a roof on our new health clinic.
  • Please feel free to contact us at or to inquire about any specific programs such as child sponsorship or the microfinance project. Otherwise, if you wish to donate to YOFAFO, please do so via the following options and we will direct your money to the area of greatest priority. Your support is greatly appreciated and we cannot express our gratitude enough.


    Donate with GlobalGiving:

    to support specific projects

    GlobalGiving is an online  charity fundraising web site that gives social entrepreneurs and non-profits from anywhere in the world a chance to raise the money that they need to improve their communities. Since 2002, GlobalGiving has raised $68,170,218 from 271,933 donors who have supported 5,848 projects.

    All donations go through the GlobalGiving Foundation, a registered 501(c)3 organization, which receives a nominal 15% fulfillment fee. This helps cover the cost of operating GlobalGiving – finding and vetting projects, providing training and support to project leaders, attracting donors, and maintaining an innovative, informative web presence. It also includes the fees assessed by vendors for credit card processing, mobile giving, wire transfers, and other fees charged by financial institutions.

    Most donors choose to make an incremental contribution at checkout to cover this fee and ensure that 100% of their donation goes to the project(s) that they have selected to support. This results in an average of 90% of all funds donated getting to the grassroots project(s) selected.

    To donate to our projects online through GlobalGiving, click here   (available from September 1st 2012).


    Donate with Ammado:

    for general donations

    Ammado provides a global donations and engagement platform that accepts donations from all around the world – in more than 75 currencies and through all major and many local payment methods. Ammado connects members from 130 countries and over 4,000 nonprofit organizations worldwide. Some of the benefits of donating through Ammado include:

  • Support for micro donations to multiple nonprofits simultaneously
  • Accept over 75 currencies and most payment methods worldwide
  • Facilitate automatically repeating donations
  • Anyone can donate
  • Give as much or as little as you like
  • This is the preferred way for volunteers to send placement fees and deposits, and for general support of Yofafo that is not specific to a particular project. To donate to Yofafo online through Ammado, click here  to proceed to the Ammado web site, where you can learn more about them and see our profile, or alternatively you can simply enter your payment details directly into the Ammado plugin below.

    NOTE: take care to select your preferred currency type!
    It’s the blue icon next to the payment amount.


    Donate by Direct Transfer

    Stanbic Bank (Uganda) Limited is a subsidiary of the Standard Bank Group, an International bank with headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa. It has branches in 18 African countries and affiliates in 21 other countries outside Africa. StandardBank employs over 40,000 individuals worldwide, serving customers through more than 1,000 points of service. Its asset base is in excess of US$174 billion. Stanbic Bank (Uganda) Limited is listed on the UgandaSecuritiesExchange (USE), where it trades under the symbol SBU. It is one of the few Ugandan commercial banks with Internetbanking availability.The bank is the largest commercial bank in the country, by assets, with an estimated asset valuation of over US$1.1 billion (UGX:2.7 trillion), accounting for approximately 21% of the total bank assets in Uganda, as of December 2011. At that time shareholders’ equity was valued at approximately US$120 million (UGX:295 billion). SBU also has the largest branch network, accounting for about 16% of the bank branches in the country.

    To transfer funds via Direct Transfer, please use the following bank transfer information. Note that Stanbic accepts USD directly.

    Bank Name Stanbic Bank Uganda
    Bank Country Uganda
    Account Name Youth Focus Africa Foundation
    Account Number Contact us for confirmation
    Account Contact Name Contact us for confirmation