Najja children’s village

Yofafo’s Hope for Africa Children’s Village at Najja village is fast becoming a central resource hub for its community, and for surrounding communities. Najja is currently Yofafo’s largest project and there are no plans to stop growing. More than 450 children are enrolled at the primary school, where students are achieving the best academic results in the district. Teachers live on site at the picturesque school, and will be only too happy to tell you about how much they love their work. Valence is already talking about a dream to extend the primary school into a secondary school.

Land is being cleared for a soccer pitch, and plans are underway to start a small community farm. Valence and Doreen also have a vision to turn Najja into a health hub for surrounding communities. It is already providing health outreach services to 10 villages in the area, which include health education programs, a doctor’s clinic and HIV testing.

Najja medical clinic

In 2012, a group of six volunteers from the Global Volunteers Network partnered with Yofafo to build the foundations of a health clinic at Najja. It is hoped 2012-2013 will see this very important health clinic finished.