YOFAFO’s agriculture program provides improved breed cows for women and families.

In Uganda, 80 per cent of the population lives in rural areas, with most people surviving on subsistence farming. Many people also work for large foreign-owned tea or sugar plantations, where they are often exploited for their labour. Yofafo is committed to providing real futures for families in its communities. The foundation has secured secured 10 acres of land in Najja, which it wants to develop into a community agriculture program. This program will aim to provide food for the children at the school as well as create a demonstration garden for the local community, where they can come and learn better agricultural practises.

The goal is to provide people with fair and equitable incomes and grow high quality products. It is envisioned this project will also contribute long-term sustainability of the foundation, such that some profits from the farm will be reinvested into other community projects. This agriculture project forms an integral part of our commitment to see communities create and form businesses and projects which are self-sufficient, innovative, sustainable and capable of growth.

Yofafo is also involved in smaller-scale family-run agriculture projects which have involved providing community members – mostly women – with farm animals for breeding. In Kitoola village, women have bred cows, goats, chickens and pigs. In 2011, in partnership with The Real Uganda and the Eat So They Can campaign, YOFAFO  received a grant to provide Kitoola women with four improved breed cows. Improved breed cows provide about 25 litres of milk per day, which is much more than the three litres of milk from a regular cow. To qualify for this program, women must build a cow shelter, grow elephant grass for feed and show the $7 fee they will need to mate the cow. The first cow born will be returned to YOFAFO to be given to another member of the program.

Like Yofafo’s microfinance program, this project is helping to generate a strong sense of self-esteem and independence amongst women.