YOFAFO provides a health outreach clinic to 10 villages, on a rotational basis.

Access to basic health care is a human right which most people in the villages Yofafo works with, just don’t receive. But as Yofafo understands the importance of health care to a happy, productive and sustainable community, it is doing its best to change that. Thanks to the generous donations from volunteers and a grant from the US embassy’s small grants program, Yofafo is providing health outreach services to 10 remote villages in the communities surrounding Najja. Each week, a doctor and nurse arrive in one village with some very basic medications and a stethoscope and spend two days there. The program would not be possible without community-based volunteers and leaders who include community health workers. These local volunteers let their community know when and where a clinic is running, encourage people to come for HIV testing, and deliver public health education for the day. At the same time, the foundation provides public health education, particularly in relation to HIV/AIDS and malaria prevention and counselling. A volunteer team provided in partnership with the Global Volunteers Network has also completed the first phase of construction of a health clinic at children’s village/school at Najja. It is envisioned this health clinic will become a health hub for the community, providing clinical health checks, maternal health care and other services such as HIV testing.